Our Animals

Grass Fed Beef 

Our grass fed beef are raised in a natural, stress free environment. Our cattle have the opportunity of living out doors all year, spending the time with their herd mates eating a natural diet of grass. We are dedicated to ensuring that our animals are relaxed and healthy. We believe that this is directly linked to the tenderness and flavors found in our meat as well as their diet. Our calves are born naturally in the spring while the cows are on a grass only diet. They graze in the pasture during the spring, summer, and fall months and while nursing on their mothers, the calves grow quickly. The calves are able to nurse for almost a full year until their mother is ready to give birth again, and at that time she weans the calf on her own. During the winter months they are eating hay (dried grass) until the grass begins to grow in the spring. Our pasture consists of rich grasses and legumes since it is located on first class farm land. This rich diet allows the cattle to gain weight quickly without the use of any growth hormones. We then harvest our cattle in the late summer and early fall to ensure that the meat is both tender and full of flavor. Since we only harvest our cattle in the fall, we do not have meat for sale year round. Because of this we are willing to take orders for the upcoming harvest.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are interested in placing an order for the upcoming harvest.


Grass Fed Lamb 

Our lambs are born in the spring as the grass is starting to grow. At a few weeks of age they will begin to nibble on grass, and within a couple months they will be on a full grass diet after their mothers wean them. Our lambs are raised in a stress free environment and are able to spend their entire time in the pasture with the flock. When grazing in our lush pasture, the lambs gain quickly and are then harvested in the late summer at three to five months of age. Sheep are ruminants and do not require grain to survive, so because of this we do not feed our sheep any grain. Our lambs do not receive any growth hormones or antibiotics during their lifetime to ensure that their meat is chemical free.


Pasture Raised, Organic Fed Chickens 

You are sure to enjoy our pasture grown chicken that are raised the way nature intended. Our baby chicks come to us from the hatchery as day-olds. They are then started in our spacious, well ventilated barn for the first four weeks before being turned out to pasture in our portable chicken coop. The chicken coop is located in one of our lush green pastures and is moved twice daily to allow fresh grazing for the chickens. During the day the coop is lifted to allow the chickens to roam freely in the pasture. As night falls, the coop is lowered with all the chickens inside to protect them from predators. Chickens are not ruminants like cattle or sheep and cannot live on grass alone. They need an additional feed source such as grain or seeds. Our chickens receive 20% of their diet from the pasture: grass, worms, and bugs. The remaining 80% of their diet is a carefully balanced chicken feed consisting mainly of grains. We have chosen to feed our chickens certified organic grain which eliminates all chemicals entirely. Our chicken coop is equipped with a constant supply of fresh water and all they can eat grain.

The meat chickens are then harvested at ten weeks of age and are taken to an inspected processing plant. We sell our chickens whole and fully frozen, weighing between 6 to 10 pounds each. The chickens will be available for pick up or delivery mid to late summer.
Pasture Raised, Organic Fed Turkeys 

Turkeys are a unique and interesting bird and we have found that they really enjoy their time outside. We receive the baby turkeys or poults when they are only a day old. They are then kept in our warm but well ventilated barn for the first 5-6 weeks of their lives. We keep them inside to keep a better eye on them and to ensure that predators do not have an easy lunch.

At six weeks of age they are then moved out to the pasture where they have a large, fenced area to run and a shelter complete with fresh water and all they can eat organic grain. We have found that a fence is needed for the turkeys as they tend to travel a lot, which makes them more susceptible to predators and the chance of getting lost!

We move the fence on a weekly basis to ensure they always have fresh grass and insects. As night falls we enclose them in their shelter to protect them for the night. It is not uncommon to see and hear the turkeys running after and playing with each other in the early mornings and evenings.

Our turkeys are then harvested when they reach 14-16 weeks of age.
Pasture Raised Organic Fed Pork 

Our pasture raised pigs are the true definition of happy pigs! We purchase our piglets in the spring at a couple months of age when they are about 50 pounds in weight. Upon arriving at our farm, they are introduced to our pasture and spend the rest of their days roaming, rooting, and rolling in the mud.

On hot days our pigs are sure to be covered in mud and relaxing in their mud hole. They spend much of their time rooting and grazing on the grasses and weeds found growing in their pasture. They have a shelter designed to protect them from the sun and harsh weather, and is complete with a source of fresh water.

Twice a day we treat them to a mash of soaked organic grains to supplement their diet. We are greeted by their squeals of delight as soon as they see us coming their way.

They are then harvested in mid fall when they are between 250-350 pounds live weight.