Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your cattle and sheep fed any grain?

A: No, our cattle and sheep are on a 100% grass fed diet. The calves and lambs are born in the spring while in the pasture. They will start to nibble on grass at a few weeks of age and continue to nurse on their mothers until they are able to live on a grass only diet, and at that time their mothers will wean them on their own.

Q: Is your meat available for purchase all year?

A: No, our meat is only available during the summer and fall. To ensure that our meat is tender and tasty we only harvest our animals after they have been grazing in our lush pasture for a few months. There is a chance that we will have some meat in our cold storage but only as long as supplies last.

Q: Are your chickens fed a grass only diet as well?

A: No, our chickens are fed organic grain while grazing in the pasture. Chickens are not ruminants like cattle and sheep which means that they need seeds or grain to survive. Our chickens receive 20% of their diet from the pasture (grass, worms, and bugs) and the remaining 80% is all they can eat certified organic grain.